Prayer to God Doesn’t Work

Posted by Tiffany Jackson on February 13, 2008

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10 Responses to “Prayer to God Doesn’t Work”

  1. As obvious as it is, though, religious people will bend over backward to give God a pass when that whole “And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that I will do,” thing doesn’t work. I talked about why here: does it matter that prayer doesn’t work?

  2. Efrique said

    My recollection from reading the prayer study before (assuming its the same one) was that, yes, if people knew they were being prayed for, there was an effect – but it was a negative effect. Telling a sick person you’ll pray for them is more likely to harm them – I guess it’s the pressure to perform or something.

    So if you must pray, for pity’s sake keep it to yourself, because at least then you’ll do less harm.

  3. Ah, wow, Efrique is certainly right. Prayer’s worse than I even thought.

  4. Buffy said

    An old friend’s mother had a saying that summed it up perfectly. ” Pray in one hand, sh*t in the other. See which hand fills up first. “

  5. Good post, but I have to play devil’s advocate. “Believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” You try. You pray. You do not receive it. Holy sh*t but why not? Because your belief was not strong enough. You had a tiny little doubt, so you were not worthy enough to be heard. Devil’s advocate? I guess I have been playing God’s advocate. Shame on me!

  6. gravitycult said

    You omitted the case of where prayers are made after an event, like when someone shoots up and kills many people at a school or after a natural catastrophe like a hurricane or tornado. Further comment at my site.

  7. If a little doubt means that it doesn’t work, then prayer also doesn’t work because all doubt. If one thinks they have no doubt, well, hell, let’s go to the amputees and check. Either prayer is worthless because man doesn’t have enough faith, or God isn’t there, or both.

  8. alx.bum said

    people you know nothing about God!!!

  9. Outlaw said

    I woke up and came across this site this morning. Last night and I don’t know why I kept hearing my older sister say after having some hard times, trust me brother, I’ve tried praying and it doesen’t work! At a different time in life, (I’m 41 years old) my older brother say’s I am blessed but not him. He has tried praying and it doesen’t work (though they both believe GOD exists). What kept going through my mind and I don’t know why (these conversations were years ago) was the word Tried! You can’t try GOD out! Kick the tires, take him for a spin. God is not a high blood pressure, cancer, colesterol or obesity drug to be tried out! GOD excepts relations like any father asks of his son. I would like to give my son enough but not so much that he doesen’t learn how to take care of himself. When being asked for somthing from family or friends I prefere the ones who have spent some time with me before asking for something over the one who comes by just to hit you up. GOD is not your other option when all else fails. Clearly the bible says to put GOD first! I am no preacher! I am a construction worker who drinks beer most days of the week and say my fair share of cuss words daily. I enjoy sex like most of us and have a past with racing cars illegally and recreational drugs (most all of them). I am not holy and not qualfied to teach (Don’t slam me to hard, though I can take it if you do) but most people do not put in that much effort into anything before giving up, and then we need a scape goat since we did not succeed! This is long and I have said most of what I needed.

  10. emm… amazing )

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